Finnish-made solar panels for your home

Order solar panels from us — get top-quality products and fair compensation for the solar electricity you produce. Our experts are at your service during and after the entire process.

a man and woman sitting on top of a solar panel

The best solar panel package for your roof

Designed for Finnish conditions specifically

The solar panels, manufactured in Salo, use high-quality raw materials and production technology. The panels are extremely resistant to the demanding conditions of the north and their energy production is top class.

Get solar panels for your roof easily

  • Request a quote via our website. Our experts carry out the mapping, planning and measurements related to the purchase of solar panels for your home.

  • You may need a building or planning permit to install solar panels.

  • We install the solar panels in one working day. You will receive guidance on using the system. We connect your solar power system to the electricity grid at the same time.

  • Enter into a small-scale producer's contract with us, whereby we will pay you a fair compensation when you produce more solar electricity than you consume.

  • You have now become a small-scale producer of electricity! You can use both electricity purchased via an electricity company and your own solar panel production in parallel in your property.